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Building for the production of television and radio production and offices of Nova Broadcasting Group



Contractor: AT Engineering 2000 OOD

The new building of NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP is an emblematic and large-scale project both for the NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP  and NOVA TV, as well as in the field of construction in the country. NOVA Television is the first private one with its own building in Bulgaria, which was designed entirely in order to satisfy the needs of television for broadcasting at a high level, good functionality of the building and future development. This project gathers all television, radio and media, part of the  NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP  portfolio, together with administration and management in one mega-complex for new generation broadcasting.

The building has 7 floors and has one underground level. The total built-up area with the underground level is 24,637 m2, and the built-up area above ground is 17,460 m2.

The building is an extremely complex project in terms of functionality and installation. The distributions on the floors are different, taking into account its specific function and the requirements of the investor.

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