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483 Ring Road, 1839 Sofia






PI 168134.8592.182 on cadastral map, Mogilite locality, in the territory of Vrazhdebna locality, Kremikovtsi district



Eng. Georgi Tsvetkov Eng. Iliya Alashki


The investment project was prepared on the basis of the assignment of the Investor "Moto-Pfohe" - EOOD and coordinated with "JAGUAR AND LAND ROVER" England and Germany, the design visa issued on 21.04.2016 by Ch. Architect of Kremikovtzi Municipality and the geodetic survey of the terrain provided by the Investor. The complex is built on land owned by Moto-Pfohe EOOD. The approach to the Complex is from the Sofia Ring Road, into which the Northern Speed ​​Tangent flows, in close proximity to the "clover" of the Ring Road and Botevgradsko Shosse.
The showroom is designed and built at an elevation of 531.30 m, which is 60.00 cm above the level of the adjacent Ring Road, in view of the better visibility to the Complex.
The height of the building is in accordance with the elevation of the cornice set by the Visa for design.
The service street to the Complex is built entirely on an embankment. In view of the natural terrain and its natural drainage, the elevation of the car service to the Complex is -3.20 m = 528.10 m. Using the natural displacement of the terrain (in this part - 3.00 m) under the showroom and with a functional connection with it is designed and built covered parking for second hand cars. The approach to the car service and parking of second-hand cars is made with two ramps from the inner bar.
The ramp on the left side of the Complex is for official access of trucks and heavy vehicles with a slope of 6%, and the ramp on the right side is for visitors to the garage and indoor parking lot with a slope of 10%.
At the main entrance level of the Showroom are designed and built on a concrete slab two parking lots for visitors, respectively for Land Rover and Jaguar. The showroom is situated with its long side on the axis of the ring road to Sofia. The central entrance for clients is oriented towards the road - on the east side of the building. Symmetrically to it are the showrooms of the two brands - left (South) Jaguar and right (North) - Land Rover. The left-right division continues in the administrative and service part of the two brands, including consulting and trade areas and offices, areas for goods and accessories for the respective brands, exits for issuing new cars and inputs for charging cars.
In the central part, along the axis of the building, are located the common for both brands customer service areas - reception, holiday customers and visitors, configuring cars and coffee.
At the bottom of the showroom (west) are built bathrooms for visitors and staff, general administration, evacuation exits, stairs and elevator to elevations +3.52 m and -3.20 m.
At elevation +3.52 m is the administrative block of the complex: meeting room, offices and service rooms.
The underground open parking in the partial basement is designed at an elevation of -3.20 m for used cars, located below the showroom, with an entrance for customers from the north and a business entrance from the south, at the level of natural terrain. From the east, in the area of ​​its full digging, natural lighting and ventilation is provided through English yards. The common openings on the underground level represent 10% of the area of ​​the parking lot. In its southeastern part a substation has been built to serve the Complex.
Car service with receptions for cars, dispatchers, offices, head of service, manager, mechanic, mechanical service, warehouses, technical rooms and living quarters for staff are designed in the western part of the complex.
Entrance for customers of the car service, second-hand cars and reception for cars at an elevation of -3.20 m is in the northern part of the building, next to the right ramp. Around the reception lobby are organized places for information, dispatchers, auto parts store, offices of service managers, as well as the service of used cars.
From the south, at the level of -3.20 m, a service entrance has been built for loading with spare parts and an entrance for workers, providing a functional connection with the mechanical workshop and service. In this area are designed and built all technological premises serving the Complex. A service stairwell provides a functional connection with the second level ± 0.00 m, where sanitary and domestic premises and a staff training hall are located.
The mechanical service is solved with two opposite entrances and exits from the north and from the south, partitioned in order to equip it in two stages.
When selling new cars, daylight is crucial. That is why we have integrated large glass windows in the facades of the building. The suspended ceiling in the exhibition hall hides the installations and constructions, giving the object a finished look.
The implementation of the complex is solved with a combined construction. In the case of the monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton with a mixed structural system (skeletal-beam and beamless), the roof structure is a reinforced concrete slab, designed as flat roofs with HVAC equipment partially located on it. In the metal construction, designed and built to cover the showroom and the repair hall, the roofs are with steel profiled sheet metal, with thermal insulation and waterproofing, through layered installation. The enclosing walls of the mechanical service are made by means of cassettes with layered installation, and the Showroom is made of suspended facades of metal coins in combination with aluminum composite panels with thermal insulation, according to all requirements of the Jaguar Land Rover branding.
The complex has a signal security system, electrical, plumbing and sewerage systems, air conditioning and ventilation, fire alarm system and low current installation.

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