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Sofia, 97 Simeonovsko Shosse Str

Residential complex - HILL SIDE



CONTRACTOR: AT Engineering 2000 Ltd

ARCHITECT: Triaxis Ltd., arch. Borislav Zagorski

Investment characteristics of the building: 
Cosiness, tranquility and quality. Three words that we followed from the first to the last moment in the construction of the residential complex HILL SIDE. Our belief in the future of gated communities motivates us to create a different living environment. 

Goal number 1 was to find the most suitable terrain, which is both away from the noise of the urban environment and hectic life and at the same time with quick and easy access to the heart of the city. Driven by the desire to provide our customers with proximity to nature, we chose a location with undeniable qualities - Simeonovo neighborhood - located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and revealing panoramic views of mountain peaks. 

When we found the best environment outside, we faced the challenge of creating it inside the complex. We had a relatively limited plot of 11,169 m2 and we realized that functional distribution came first. But we had no doubt about one thing - the goal is to build a peaceful and green living environment. We bet on beautiful rich vegetation inside the complex, we created a quiet recreation area in its center, and for fans of walks we built a pedestrian promenade. Alley that leads to the Orthodox Chapel. We also took care of the little ones by giving them a special space and building a playground with various safe play equipment. We did not forget to think about sports fans and did outdoor fitness. And for our four-legged friends we set aside a special area for walks. And another advantage of the environment - we built two pools and relied on the most innovative water treatment plants with a professional salt electrolysis system.

Realizing that the tranquility of the environment can be guaranteed only by restricting the movement of cars inside the complex, we faced the biggest challenge in the construction process. And we built an underground parking lot with an area of 6789.97 m2 under the terrain of the complex, over which we created the entire park environment. We have provided a sufficient number of parking spaces to meet the needs of the owners.

There is only one more important detail left to guarantee the peace of mind of the residents - access control at the highest level. For this purpose, we have set up a reception with 24-hour security, provided video surveillance, limited access to the most innovative technologies - video intercoms, chip system, fingerprint recognition, and access to camera owners through smart devices so they can see at any time your children in the pools, children's areas and green spaces.

After providing a peaceful and green living environment, our next mission was to create the conditions for social life and harmony among the living. The retail space facing Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. has already been turned into a Spanish tapas bar for a glass of wine and pleasant conversations and an art gallery. 

Our next task was to provide comfort and tranquility not only inside the complex, but also in the home of each of our clients. We built six buildings with a total area of 13392.56 m2, far enough apart. We managed to find the most functional distribution of the properties, in accordance with the market demand and the needs of our clients. In a way that each of our clients managed to find their home in our catalog. For this purpose we planned and built a total of 121 separate apartments - one-bedroom, two-bedroom, two-bedroom, four-bedroom. Realizing that each of our buyers has a different dream vision for their home. And different needs. Already on the ground floor we chose to give our customers the opportunity to feel the comfort of the house - although buying an apartment. For this purpose we have separated to each of the ground floor apartments a yard with an individual garden, separate and landscaped. Giving peace and contact with nature. We did not want to harm the people living on the higher floors and we designed homes in accordance with the exhibition, lighting, functional use of space. With one goal - quality and convenience. And for the top floors we have reserved apartments with large roof terraces so that our customers can enjoy the beautiful view on one side of the mountain and on the other - the city. 

In the construction of the Hillside complex we used the most modern technological solutions and materials, drawing not only personal and local experience, but also in line with leading European trends. The first challenge we faced was the proximity of the complex both to the ring road and to Simeonovsko Shosse. For this purpose, our team conducted a study and after visits to several European window manufacturers, selected the best solution that provides perfect sound and heat insulation. The complex is fully gasified and all apartments are equipped with cutlets of the highest class, containing a buffer boiler, which provides full  comfort. Heat pumps have also been installed in larger homes. The facades use extremely high-quality thermal insulation materials, far exceeding the required minimum requirements - as a result we achieved an interesting amalgam of combining natural stone, composite materials and mineral plasters. We were able to provide a high-speed optical connection to each individual property without the use of active devices.

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