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Bulgaria Street 38, Elin Pelin



INVESTOR: Baumit Bulgaria EOOD

CONTRACTOR: AT Engineering 2000 Ltd.

DESIGNER: eng. Martin Maximov

ARCHITECT: Elite Studio EOOD, arch. Galina Stoyanova and arch. Kalin Dikov

ADDRESS: Elin Pelin


The office building of "Baumit Bulgaria" is located in the town of Elin Pelin, Sofia region, next to the built warehouse of the company and in close proximity to its factory part.

The site is an office building on 2 floors and one underground level. The building is designed as a cube - a stylish, clean and at the same time energy efficient shape. The total built-up area is 1626 sq.m

Functionally, each department is located according to its needs, and the central lobby and atrium unite the space, which gives a feeling of unity and collectivity. There are spare workplaces and three halls with state-of-the-art equipment for meetings, trainings and meetings, as well as a comfortable dining and cocktail hall.

On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, security, main lobby in the atrium with roof glazing, reception, office entrance with reception lobby, offices to the departments - marketing, production and logistics, with separate director's offices to each of them, interior staircase, staircase and elevator leading to the second level of the building. On this level there is a sample room with a buffet, with access from the main lobby and the possibility to go out.

On the second level are located the offices of the finance and sales department, with separate independent director's offices, IT department with director's office and server room, human resources office, archive, manager's office with separate office and secretary's office, kitchenette and meeting room .

The building has a basement at an elevation of 4.00 m. At this level there are warehouses for office supplies, advertising materials, advertising clothing and tools, archive, dining room and cocktails.

The facade is completely Baumit thermal insulation system with a final coating NanoporTop. The windows and visors are made and installed by Christian Neiko. All interior railings and glass windows are also the work of the company. The design and implementation of the electrical installation are by Kimtech Bulgaria OOD. Until the last detail, everything meets the requirements of the investor and provides the necessary amenities for the proper functioning of the company in Europe and worldwide.

The interior is comfortable and stylish and adheres to the corporate simplicity of the solutions. The last touches for creating an effective working environment were made by the company "ORT", whose work is the complete furnishing.

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